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The pool area and surrounding terraces are exclusively for the use of hotel residents only. The hotel does not provide pool towels. In case you have no room in your baggage, or if you have forgotten your towel, there are pool/beach towels available in the supermarket to buy.

Good to know:

As with other hotels, the pool area and surrounding terraces are service areas. Outside purchased food and drink are NOT allowed in the service areas. Staff are here to wait on you and do so with pleasure.


There are also 'rules' we must follow to ensure the health and safety of our guests, and, there are 'codes of behaviour' we ask guests to follow so all may enjoy their holiday.

The 'rules' are:

1. No swimming after dark

2. Children must be supervised at all times

3. No diving, no 'bombing'

The 'code of behaviour' is:

1. No bed bagging (towels placed on the beds will be removed for you to collect at your convenience)

2. No excessive splashing as the pool surround is slippery when wet

3. No loud screaming or shouting

4. Please shower before entering the pool

5. Please report any accident which has not been noticed by staff

Bird watching...

Enjoy the birdlife from your balcony or terrace from early morning to late at night.

The bird watching platform is an ideal place for following the changing tides and the different species that use the Kotu Stream Basin, and a great place from which to snap that special photograph!

The gardens and flora...

The botanical gardens have evolved over 40 years and feature a variety of mature native trees, both soft and hardwoods, and boast the largest collection of palms in The Gambia.

We have an impressive collection of succulents and medicinal plants.

We have planted a number of fruit trees to provide food for the birds and animals.

Throughout the gardens there are nooks and cranies of interesting plants by small terraces and places where you can relax in the shade and soak up the atmosphere.

The gardens and fauna... 

Apart from our tortoises which are kept safe, all the birds and animals are wild and come and go as they please. 

During the day, monkeys amuse with their antics, jumping and squabbling. Please do not feed them.

The elusive genet cat and bandicoots come out only at night with the owls. 

There are gold fish, terrapins and monitor lizards - and frogs- in the ponds.

The gardens and insects... 

Insecting and butterflying, fast becoming the new trend, is a rewarding hobby and easily pursued in the ground of the hotel.

For those worried about mosquitos though... don't. All the windows in the rooms are netted against mosquitos. By keeping the door closed, especially in the late afternoon and evening, you will probably not be bothered. Of course for those who are extra sensitive, personal mosquito spray is available in the supermarket as are regular spray and 'moon tiger' coils.

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