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* must be for length of stay

For those looking for a little extra comfort or convenience our extras can be booked in advance and will be ready on arrival, giving you more holiday time and less hassle.
Looking to treat someone for a special occassion?
Or for any other food queries...
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BREAKFAST - 7.30am-10.30am

Breakfast is waiter served between 7.30am and 10.30am in the sun on the breakfast terrace or in Baobab. We have had positive feedback from the choices and the variety. We serve scrumptious fresh local tapalapa bread, 2 choices of jam, a glass of healthy wonjo juice and either tea or coffee. Unfortunately there is no gluten free bread available, so those sensitive to gluten are advised to bring their own.

There are 3 further breakfast choices: Baobab, Sausages or Mini-burger. Boabab breakfast is suitable for vegetarians. You will have yoghurt, an egg, cucumber, 2 slices of cheese and a piece of fruit. Two sausages are served with baked beans, a fried egg, mushroom and tomato. The mini-burger is topped with onions and served with a fried egg, tomato and potato cake.

For variety, the Boabab breakfast egg option changes on a rotational basis from hard boiled to fried to omelette. If you are extra hungry please ask for extra bread and 2 eggs instead.

EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST - before 7.00am

As in other hotels, it is not allowed to take breakfast food from the restaurant.


We can provide a take-away breakfast instead. This must be ordered 18hours in advance, or before 3pm the day before it is needed. Take-away is especially suitable for those going on an early morning excursion. You will have a ready made baguette which can be collected from the reception before 6am or from the bar 6-7am. We only provide this service for hotel guests.

LUNCH - 11am-3pm

Lunch is served from 11am until 3pm. Choose from light snacks to our delicious burgers, ladyfish, local yassa or roasted chicken baguette and much more. After 3pm service from Captain's Table menu is available.

As in other hotels, please note that outside food and drink are not permitted in the public service areas. 

HALFBOARD - 6.30pm-10.30pm

Halfboard at Bakotu is a really good deal with a flexible menu plan. It is a set 3 course menu served in Baobab Restaurant, with each course offering 2, 3 or 4 choices, including a vegetarian option.

Those on halfboard can choose to eat one course at Captain's Table once a week.

Another choice is to eat delicious genuine Gambian food at Boss Lady. Boss Lady offers 2 courses and you can choose to eat here as many times as you like.

In order to 'swap' you must obtain a transfer voucher from the BAR, before 2pm. This gives the kitchen time to tranfer your meal option. Transfers AFTER 2pm are NOT possible.

DINNER - à la carte - 3pm-11pm

Captain's Table for A La Carte is open from 3pm-11pm. Each day CT offers a special plat du jour.


Boabab, which has an excellent table d'hôte, serves food from 6pm-10.30pm.

Boss Lady serves genuine Gambian food in a local, fun street setting from 3pm-10.30pm.

Want to treat someone on holiday? We offer special meal vouchers for special occassions.



Please advise us in advance if you have special intolerances. We do not use MSG of E621 additives, but we do use wheat flour, milk, eggs, peanuts, soy and other ingredients that may be unsuitable for you.

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