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Kotu beach
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Kotu is a fantastic area. It is vibrant and interesting with lots and lots of variety to keep you busy and entertained.
By Day - Excursions galore!
Explore on your own or choose from organised trips...

Whether you come for the beach and enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing, beach-combing, exercise or sports, there is activity here for everyone to enjoy.

Walks through the rice fields and market gardens or villages and markets, birding opportunities, biking, canoe trips, and horse riding possibilities. The area is safe to explore on your own or choose to hire a guide - organise your own daytrip -and enjoy an in-depth Gambian experience.


The Street Scene
For those who enjoy people watching, the street is the perfect place. From early morning until late at night, the street activity will keep you entertained.

By Night
There are many bars, eateries and restaurants to choose from - all within walking distance. The hassling and beat of the drums adds to the atmosphere. There will be adhoc drumming and dance and guests are encouraged to join in the fun!
For a memorable up-country adventure enjoy unspoilt bird watching in the North Bank Region and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve from Morgan Kunda Lodge.
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